Single Chain Actuator 400N

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Product Description
WP 400 ELECTRIC SINGLE CHAIN window opener 400N


Ideal for smart buildings; integrates with building and home automation systems.
Very low noise operation.
Double-link stainless steel chain, with chrome-plated brass terminal.
Low voltage DC24V or AC 220V motors are energy efficient.
Multiple actuators may be linked for simultaneous operation of multiple windows.
Tight vent closure using electronic power cut-off.
WP series has a slim casing and low-noise operation.
Push/Pull Force up to 400 N.
Opening distance ranges from 50 mm to 600 mm approx., according to version.


For automation of awning or hopper windows, skylights, or curtain wall vents.
For commercial, institutional and residential projects, including schools, universities, municipal buildings, offices, gymnasiums, homes, condos, and more.
Natural Ventilation systems, such as operable windows and skylights, save energy and lower operating costs by reducing air conditioning and heating use.
LEED credits for green building projects can be earned under Indoor.
Environmental Quality for Natural Ventilation, Daylighting and Views.
Smoke Evacuation systems reduce smoke, heat and casualties during a fire;actuators are PRODUCED ACCORDING TO WP and CE standard.